FID is in house company interior architecture in Property that consider in Environment. And use compensate material in Green environment for design to easily use styles. Now we have limited habitat so we are designing for divisibly space , consider of function , material and price Now we have expand around Thailand by concept interior architecture for modern styles. Our team a ready to service and now we established factory of furniture product. for support our quality production So that why we are readiness complete company. Beneath all of target that is respond of our customer.


Because of Future interior design is a design and turnkey in a interior company. So we emphasize in one stop service. The customer just order requirement and we responds the order. For Example when we finish your responds we will built in furniture by our technician then we built loose furniture , electrical appliances , curtain , carpet , decoration etc. and choose high quality of material and properly price.

We have many way to payment such as at the bank , internet banking.